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mascot “Regular wheel alignment helps in uniform tyre wear, reduces pulling and dragging and increases tyre life.”
Wheel Alignment
How often should I have my alignment checked?
We recommend an Alignment Check with every 3000 Kms and whenever you get new tyres. Driving through bumpy roads affect the way your tires sit, throwing off alignment in an instant. The longer you wait for an alignment, the more damage that can occur.

Do vehicles have different types of alignment specifications?
Alignment specs are determined by the vehicle manufacturer for each make and model. The size, length, weight and intended use of the vehicle all play a role in the determining the correct alignment angles. At Easy Drive, customer is furnished with a print out displaying the vehicle manufacturer’s alignment angle specifications, what your angles are before adjustments were made and where it stands after adjustments are made. Our technicians are highly skilled in identifying and correcting the angles with accuracy.