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mascot “When fitting new tyres to your vehicle, get wheels checked for balance and alignment. Wheels out of alignment or balance could cause the tyres to wear unevenly and have a shorter life.”
The condition of a vehicle’s tyres is crucial for a safe drive. The right tyre with proper Tread depth and tyre pressure are important for safe driving as they ensure that the car can brake, accelerate, corner and handle properly.

At Easy Drive, skilled Technicians will examine and offer Expert advice on the condition of your vehicle’s tyres. They will suggest the Best tyres to fit your car and at the best price.

We stock a wide range of tyres from leading brands including Michelin, Apollo, JK, Bridgestone,continental.

When do you need to replace your Vehicle’s tyres:
  • Any portion of the tread is worn to the “wear indicator bars”
  • Tread wear is severely uneven
  • The tyre sidewalls are severely cracked or there are bulges anywhere on the tyre.
  • You observe too much vibration than usual
  • There is any indication of tread separation from the tyre carcass.
  • The tyre has been punctured and cannot be satisfactorily repaired.
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