India's independent chain of
automotive quick fit centers
mascot “When fitting new tyres to your vehicle, get wheels checked for balance and alignment. Wheels out of alignment or balance could cause the tyres to wear unevenly and have a shorter life.”
Easy drive has developed a robust business model, branded outlet design, layout concept  for its outlets. Our expert team will support and give guidelines to set up the outlet and start business.
Manatec at MYANAUTO, 20th to 22nd NOV 2013
We displayed our Fox 3D Wheel aligners & DSP Wheel balancers.

Manatec at Reflection of Sri Lanka – 13th to 17th Nov 2013
Introduced our New DSP Wheel Balancers models

Equip Auto 2013, 16-20 Oct, 2013
We are displaying our CCD Wheel aligner & Wheel balancer.